Black and Gold Opulent Wedding Cake

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Skill Level: Easy
HD Lessons: 9
Decoration Time: 2 Days including drying times

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  • 8” round by 1.5” deep chocolate cake
  • 6” round by 4” deep chocolate cake
  • 4” round by 5” deep chocolate cake


  • 1.2kg dark chocolate ganache

Cake Card and Drums

  • 10” round cake drum
  • 2 x 8”round temp cake drums


  • 1kg black sugarpaste

Paints and Dusts

  • Metallic gold sands by Rainbow dusts
  • PME gold spray
  • PME glaze spray


  • 3” round polystyrene ball
  • 1.75” round polystyrene ball
  • Icing sugar
  • High percentage alcohol
  • 4 cake dowels


  • Palette knife
  • Sharp cutting knife


  • No.6 paintbrush

Modelling Tools

  • PME modelling tools

Cakey Tools

  • Cake smoothers
  • Rolling pin
  • FPC Brooch mould
  • Karen Davies large floral strip mould
Looking for a wedding cake that feels a little regal? Let Paul introduce you to the striking Black and Gold Opulent Wedding Cake, inspired by the black wedding cake trend.
This elegant design would suit a lover of all things bling. It's an easy and quick cake to make, plus it can be adapted in a variety of ways to suit all sorts of occasion.
Take a peek at this tutorial to learn how to work with cake moulds, create lovely balls of edible flowers, basic edible paint work and how to create interesting textures.
We'd love to see your take on the Black and Gold Opulent Wedding Cake - so make sure you share your snaps with us on our Facebook page.
Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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