Every time we pop over to our Facebook page, we're reminded of what a talented bunch of cake decorators you are! Just looking at all the pics of your lovely creations gives us a warm, fuzzy glow inside.

So, in celebration, we've decided to round up some of the fabulous cakes you've shared with us on social media over the past month, and put them all in one place... right here in a blog post!

Take a peek at what others have been up to, and maybe even try out the tutorials for yourself....

Aspasia Kartsaki‎

How incredible is this owl cake by Aspasia Kartsaki‎?! If you're up for a challenge, get stuck into the Potter's Owl 2-part tutorial.

brenda somerville

Look at those little characters! Amazing work by Brenda Somerville. Take a look at our sugar modelling tutorials.

carla cross

This cake by Carla Cross has some serious va-va-voom! Try out the Range Rover tutorial for yourself.

chris ward

Inspired by Paul's cigarillo tutorial, Chris Ward made this beauty for her daughter's wedding.

jeanette saunders

We love this laid-back, beachy design by Jeanette Saunders - makes us think of the summer!

alexandra hughes

Pro member Alexandra Hughes based this cute bunny on Paul's pufferfish tutorial - now that's adaptability!

tania hoffman

Talking of the puffer fish - what an awesome job Tania Hoffman made of hers!

kate craven

That's what we call a roaring success (hoho!) by Kate Craven, check out the lion cub tutorial here.

moreen helsp pinto

Moreen Heslp Pinto truly mastered the beer barrel tutorial - give it a bash here.

sue devenport

Pro member Sue Devenport's first ever attempt at chocolate flowers is pretty bloomin' impressive!
rich lord

This Sonic design by Rich Lord deserves bonus rings.
tina pine

What a beautiful example of the chocolate wrap cake by Tina Pine.

kat marsh

We're swooning over the colour combo on this drip cake by Pro member Kat Marsh.

ruth wallace

How gorgeous is this blue beauty by Pro member Ruth Wallace? Loving the ombre!


If you don't already follow us on Facebook, come on over and share your cakey delights with us - immediately! And watch this space for next month's spotlight on members' cakes x

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