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asked September 20th 2012

working with chocolate paste

hi, i wanted to ask,.. when i attemppted to make the chocolate paste, i was lucky that i did it... however when i started to work with it, it started melting, making it very difficult to cut . WHat i did was make 3 different coloured squares, one on top the other and then rolled them, so that when i slice the rolls, i get these pretty 3 coloured swirls.... while doing all this, my chocolate started melting as i was doing it ( especially when i was kneading and rolling it to make squares) and i could not cut thin slices as the whole roll would just collapse down with the knife.... it turned out bad and a waste of expensive chocolate as it didnt even taste nice,,, it tasted like rubber... i mixed the melted chocolate with glucose syrup... so where have i gone wrong?
Thank u


Hi Sonyasidhu

Did you warm the liquid glucose to the same temperature as the melted chocolate? I find that makes a difference. When you first make the modelling chocolate it must be allowed to rest in the fridge until it becomes hard. It can then be cut into small pieces and softened. If you try and soften big pieces all at once the heat from your hands will begin to melt the paste. Try some icing sugar to stop it being sticky and keep your hands as cool as possible by placing them in a bowl of ice water when you are handling the paste. Heat and humidity will also make the paste difficult to work with so try to work in a cool room. In my experience, home made chocolate modelling paste never tastes or works the same as the commercially manufactured, however I find adding half gum paste to half chocolate paste holds shape better. There are some recipes for modelling chocolate which might help you, just go to the search box and type in 'white modeling chocolate', and you'll see three different recipes. I can tell you that the white one does not work very well. Hope this helps you, if you have some success it would be good to hear your feed back.


thank u very much!! will try it!!


I was looking to make modelling chocolate the other day and came across this http://www.theextraordinaryartofcake.com/2011/09/white-modelling-chocolate-recipe.html there is a link also on problems and solutions. hope this helps

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