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asked January 8th 2017

Westie tutorial into cat conversion

Hi guys, me again. Following the success of completing the westie tutorial, first time ever doing a 🐶.( I tried to post pictures of your Facebook but not sure it worked) I have been asked to do a cat, just wondered if you think the tutorial could be used to make it into a cat. I know face/ head and legs shapes would be needing changed . Any thoughts and suggestions , Always gratefully received xxx Lauren


Hi Lauren

Most of Paul's tutorials can be adapted and there is no reason why the westie can't be turned into a cat. However, the site site does offer a cat tutorial which you may find useful for making the features and limbs. See the tutorial here: https://www.designer-cakes.com/online-cake-decorating-courses/porsha-the-persian-cake-tutorial

I've not seen your westie on the facebook. Post it again just to be sure. Look forward to seeing it. x


Lauren's Westie cake is on the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School Facebook page, under Visitor Posts

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