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asked January 8th 2017

Technical Problem

I wonder if there is a potential problem with the Peppa Pig video as I am only able to watch the overview and can find no means of accessing this tutorial. Thanks. xx


Hi bellscakes

I've just had a look at the tutorial and it is working for me. Log out and log back in to see if that makes a difference. If not, there are guidelines here: https://www.designer-cakes.com/faqs
Scroll down to the header 'Membership support' and click on the last topic which covers technical problems.
You can also contact support by emailing [email protected]

Hope you're up and running soon. x


HI madeitwithlove

Thanks for getting back to me. I have tried again to access this tutorial to no avail, hence I have emailed the help section on the website.

I wonder if I am unable to access the tutorial due to my membership running out in two days time, though I wouldn't have thought I'd be denied access at this point in time.

Thanks anyhow. xx


I hope your problem has been resolved bellscakes. xx

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