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asked July 2nd 2013

Simple Wedding cake…printed sugar sheets!

Hi Everyone,

I want to make the recet simple wedding cake but I cannot find a stockist for the sugar sheets. I know Paul has said that you can get them from culpitt but unfortunately I am not a trade customer so I cannot purchase from here. I have been in touch with a couple of cake shops in Glasgow all of whom cannot help. I've searched online and agin I cannot find anything. Can anyone help?

Kind regards

Yvonne x


Found some at http://www.rainbowsugarcraft.co.uk/ !


try winsorscakecraft they are online and deliver, they have everything x


Just thought lol- get in touch with Paul and get him to sell them in his new shop !!


I expect he will do eventually, I think the idea is to stock equipment necessary for the tutorials making it a one stop store for all the students. Good thinking, and so much more convenient to find tools for the job in one place.

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