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asked March 5th 2018


What is the ratio of white chocolate to double cream to make white chocolate ganache please? I have watched the Ganache video, Paul had 800g chocolate and 400g double cream written on notepad but said 900g chocolate to 400g double cream. Have looked through Q&A section and a totally different quantity has been specified. Please would you clarify. Many thanks.


Hi Lynda

For the purposes of crumb caoting and covering a 3:1 ratio gives the best setting results. This can fluctuate depending on your climate, it can increase in hot conditions. to 4:1 ratio. The ratios are not set in stone and can vary according to what the ganache is being used for. To help you calculate amounts for cake covering and filling please see the site's ganache calculator: https://www.designer-cakes.com/cake-calculators

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Hope this helps.

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