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asked August 13th 2016

how to make a white wine bottle ?

Hi all,
ive been asked to make a WHITE wine bottle cake how on earth do i get the effect of white wine please any help greatly recieved xx


Hi AngieH

To make a white wine bottle cake you'd need to start with a very light/white base and the build up the colour gradually with shading to get the results that you want. The shading can be done with dry petal dusts or with diluted paints with either vodka/rejuvenator spirit/ or with isopropyl alcohol. If you have an airbrush that would be even better. Good shading colours for outlines are black, grey and white but obviously in dilute consistency. Start with small amounts and build up. Block colour can be washed off with a paint brush moistened with either vodka or alcohol.
If I was making this I'd look in google images for real 'white wine bottles'. Study the shading, the colours of labels and neck bands to bring out the depth of the illusion being created. White wine bottles are see through which reveals the dimple bump at the base, so you would also need to create that illusion on your cake bottle. This very much like water colours in an art lesson but here we can't really do wet on wet because it would make the icing too soggy!!
There are loads of tutorials on how to make wine bottles, spirit bottles and champagne bottles in youtube. Utilise the ideas there to help achieve the image. Hopefully other members will share hints and tips .


thanks Miwl I talked her into a wine box instead all worked out great x


Good job, happy for you it all worked out well. x

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