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asked January 17th 2016

chocolate cake dry ingredients

Hi.. i was watching the tutorial about the chocolate wedding cake, would you give me the amount of flour, sugar and.. i don't know what else you used in there...
i love this courses.. will be upgrading soon!!!



You can use any dense mud cake recipe you like. However Paul has a moist chocolate cake recipe which you will find here:
The recipe can be seen by clicking on the ingredients tab. Some members have found the recipe a little challenging but have managed to resolve any problems by helping one another. Please see comments, hints and tips for a successful bake in the following links:
To see many more comments please type in the searchbox on the first page of Q & A 'Paul's moist chocolate cake recipe'
There is an alternative mud cake recipe here:

Hope you continue enjoying the site and upgrade to enjoy so much more. If you need more information please post again.

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