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asked May 5th 2013

3d monsters inc cake

Hi everyone, I've been asked to create a 3d cake of 'sully' from monsters inc, I'm going to use the teddy bear template as the main body, does anyone have any suggestions on how to create the head, as sully is quite round shouldered and his head sits kind of in front of his body, any suggestions ?? Thanx for reading Elle x


Hi elle1982

If I was making Sully I would make a new template in the shape of Sully's face and use it to carve a shaped protuding face. His face is much wider at the chin and narrower at the top. I think you will still have to dowel the head at the top and not at the front of his body. If you google 'monsters inc sully cake', you'll see lots of ideas which you could work around. Sorry I can't help more but hopefully other members will give better ideas.


Hi madeitwithlove,

Thank you for your reply, I've found a tutorial for a gruffalo cake so I'm going to use that as its a similar shape to sully, I'm grateful for your suggestions thanx again x

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