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asked July 16th 2012

3D Digger Cake

Hi, I've just been asked if i can make a 3D digger cake but i'm not sure how to do the big arm thingy(i really know my digger parts) at the front without it falling over in transit. Has anyone any bright ideas? Oh yes and i'ts for next week!!!


Hi Aileen,

You could maybe carve some polystyrene to the rough shape then cover it with genache then fondant/sugarpaste. This would maybe work as it'd be fairly light weight compared to using some other things. I was going to suggest using flower paste since it dries rock solid but it may be too heavy for the 'arm thingy' to stand up (i'm no better with my digger parts haha)


As for transportation, could you not transport them not constructed and then attach the arm when you have arrived?



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Thanks for that idea Paula i hadn't ever thought about polystyrene!


Could you use a couple of dowels for the arm, stuck into the cab at the top and then the other ends resting on the board with the scoopy bit attached between them? I hope you can picture what I mean!

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