Chocolate Wrap

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Skill Level: Easy
HD Lessons: 7
Decoration Time: 2 Hours
  • 8″,6″ Round cakes
  • 4″ diameter by 8″ high Polystyrene cone (Dummies Direct)
  • 12″ Round cake drum
  • 6″ Round cake card
  • 1.4Kg Ganache
  • 1Kg Modelling Chocolate (Cocoa form – Squires Kitchen)
  • 20 gauge wires
  • 1.5m of (15mm width) brown ribbon
  • Icing sugar
  • Edible lustres (colours to suit)
  • Plastic dowels
  • Serrated knife
  • Pallet knife
  • Sharp knife
  • Non-toxic glue stick
  • Paint brush
  • Wire cutters
  • Rolling pin (large and small)
  • Pasta roller

Chocolate Wrap has got to be one of the biggest WOW factor cakes we make.
This design would retail at anything from £400-£700 depending on the number of tiers and level of design. Sat on a mirror with summer fruits cascading from top to bottom has got to be one of the best wedding cakes we offer.
Paul will take you through each stage in creating this cake which will certainly get eyes turning at any event.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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