Teddy Bear Cake

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Skill Level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 9
Decoration Time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
  • 8″x10″ Cake
  • 12″ Round cake drum
  • 1Kg Ganache
  • 1.5Kg Buttercream (500g butter and 1 Kg icing sugar)
  • 8″ Round card
  • 500g Grey sugarpaste
  • 300g Pink sugarpaste
  • 30g Pale blue sugarpaste
  • 30g Yellow sugarpaste
  • 40g Black sugarpaste
  • 10g White blue sugarpaste
  • 1 meter Purple Ribbon 15mm thick
  • Wafer paper – 1 sheet
  • 1x 8″ plastic dowel
  • Black food pen
  • liquorice food colouring
  • Palette knife
  • Serrated knife
  • Smoothers
  • Prit Stick
  • Scissors
  • Rolling pin
  • Nozzle PME No 6
  • Nozzle PME No 1.5
  • Nozzle coupler
  • PME Daisy plunger (medium)
  • 2x 12″ Piping bags
  • Sharp knife
  • Food bag clip


The Teddy Bear cake is a stunning WOW factor design that certainly grabs the attention. Most feel guilty about cutting this one! You’ll learn shaping, stacking, covering an awkward shape and piping on this tutorial.

We would love to see your version of the Teddy Bear Cake - Please share your pictures with us on our facebook page!

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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