Rapid Rose

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Skill Level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 15
Decoration Time: 1 day

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  • 10” round by 5” deep cake
  • 8” round by 5” deep cake
  • 6” round by 5” deep cake x 2
  • 4” round by 5” deep cake


  • 4.5Kg dark chocolate ganache

Cake Card and Drums

  • 13” cake drum
  • 10” cake drum (temporary)
  • 8” cake drum (temporary)
  • 6” cake drum (temporary)

Flower Paste

  • 60g White Squires kitchen flower paste per rose

Paints and Dusts

  • Colour Splash – Orange gel
  • Colour Splash – Raspberry gel
  • Squires – olive gel food colouring
  • Rainbow Dust – lime gel
  • Rainbow Dust –  citrus green
  • Squires Kitchen – leaf green
  • Edable Art – rain forest
  • Edable Art  – blackrant
  • Sugarflair – African Violet
  • Sugarflair – Navy
  • Edable Art – Gold and Lemon
  • Sugarflair  – Sunset Orange
  • Sugarflair – Primrose Yellow
  • Squires Kitchen – Fern


  • Corn flour
  • Polystyrene ball 20mm (used with 9cm rose cutter)
  • 28 gauge green wire
  • 28 gauge white wire
  • Candle


  • Sharp cutting knife
  • Craft knife/ Scalpel knife



  • Soft round paintbrush (assortment of brushes to avoid colour contamination)  

Modelling Tools

Cakey Tools

  • Rolling pin
  • Firm foam pad
  • Ball tool

Rapid Rose Cake Tutorial with Natalie Porter

For this week's tutorial. The talented Natalie Porter from Immaculate Confections shows us how to make this rapid rose cake.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to...

  • Make and add edible petals
  • Work with dusts to bring your cakes to life
  • Make hydrangea leaves
  • Make edible berries and buds
  • Much, much more

Natalie would also like to offer all Paul Bradford members 10% off shop wide. Details of which can be found under your 'membership benefits'.


Don't forget to share your interpretations of this wonderful cake with Paul and rest of the Sugarcraft community on our Facebook group.

Who knows? You may even end up featured in one of our monthly members' cake blogs.

Natalie Porter

Natalie Porter

Natalie Porter is a multi award winning cake maker based in Hertfordshire, just north of London. She started making cakes about six years ago, when she decided to take on the challenge of making her own wedding cake... Since then she has made hundreds of wedding cakes, writes frequently for cake magazines and has invented the Rapid Rose - her signature tool and method for making sugar roses. She has recently added the Perfect Peony to the Rapid Rose range, is super excited to have filmed the tutorial with PBSS and currently working on her debut book.
Cake Masters winners
Cake Masters Hero Finalist
Golden Tier award
1472 reviews
99% service rating
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