Pro: Knowing Your Numbers

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In this pro tutorial Martin of Martin Robertson Associates (Chartered Accountants) shares with us the importance of knowing your numbers. It's very easy as a creative person to sometimes neglect the more technical and financial aspects of business, but if you don´t already know you soon learn that this is the most crucial area of running a business. In this tutorial Martin takes you through some of the key numbers that you need to know and how knowing these number can enable you to increase your profits by 95%! Being smart with your numbers will allow you to take control of your business and take it to the next level. You may feel overwhelmed and confused by all the various things to calculate and consider but Martin is here to lead us through it all complete with downloadable and usable finance spreadsheets.

Some things that will be covered are -

  • The numbers you need to know
  • Developing financial goals
  • Gross and Net Profit explained
  • Controlling your overheads and income
  • Increasing your profit
  • Working with monthly worksheets
  • Planning for the future

Martin has gone through his own rocky journey and at one point had to turn things around quickly and using the numbers and methods mentioned in this tutorial is what saved his business. If you want to learn more... Martin has published his own book and can be purchased here.

Martin Robertson

Martin Robertson

Martin qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1990 before taking the big decision to go self-employed in 1996. For many years Martin was the traditional accountant offering compliance services and little in the way of business advice. By 2010 Martin was worn down by self-employment and decided that his business life had to change, so that it was working for him, rather than him working for it! Martin went through a period of significant personal development, and a by-product of this was his book  “Your 60 minute business transformation” which details his business story, stories of some of the mistakes, what he learnt from them and suggestions so that the reader does not make the same mistakes.   After writing the book Martin realised that there must be many business owners who had made the same mistakes as he had, and that many probably found it difficult to get help; as a result he set up We Are Business Transformers Ltd with his wife Susanne Harrison. You can find out more about Martin by visiting   Now, Martin is one of the most innovative, customer focused accountants, passionate that business owners know their business numbers. For Martin knowing where your business is going is one of the most important factors for any successful business.