The Princess and the Pea Cake

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Skill Level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 30
Decoration Time: Two Days (allowing for drying time)

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  • 8” square cake

Cake Cards

  • 12” round cake drum


  • 400g Dark ganache


  • 1280g white
  • 320g mid brown
  • 60g light green
  • 60g flesh
  • 65g yellow
  • 10g light brown
  • 5g light blue
  • 5g lilac
  • 500g light brown for board
  • 200g  (approx 7 colours at 200g each) for mattresses, cushions and throws


  • Rose Petal Dust


  • Black paste
  • Blue paste
  • Gold edible paint

Airbrush Colours

  • Brown
  • Green

Florists Wire

  • 20g Green wire x12


  • 40mm Round ball


  • Blue/green ribbon


  • CMC Powder


  • Serrated Knife
  • Scalpel/craft knife
  • Small palette knife

Modelling Tools

  • Leaf Veining tool
  • Ball tools
  • Stitching tool

Cake Cutters

  • Heart Shaped
  • Flower or Fluted

Cakey Tools

  • Airbrush
  • 2 large straws for dowelling
  • Non-stick mat
  • Non-stick rolling pin
  • Several small paintbrushes
  • Cake ruler
  • Piping bag
  • Wood impression mat
  • Cake pop stick or similar
  • 12″ long wooden cake dowels x4


The wonderful Janette MacPherson returns to teach us how to create her fantastic Princess and the Pea Cake. This is guaranteed to be a big hit as a little girl's celebration cake and the tutorial is packed full of techniques that can be implemented on a variety of cakes, as well as some brilliant modelling to create the adorable princess. This cake is aimed at intermediate level cake designers and takes approximately two days to make, allowing for drying time.

We would love to see your version of this cake - please share your snaps with us on our Facebook Page!

Janette MacPherson

Janette MacPherson

Janette is a self-taught cake designer based in Drumnadrochit in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. With a University Degree in Animation and a previous career as a Graphic Designer, she is now a lucky Mummy of three who unleashes her creative needs in cake form. Janette specialises in bespoke, personalised, highly detailed designs which capture memories, create a talking point and have even brought tears to eyes. Figure modelling is her speciality. She can create figures and pets from photographs and also replicate any personal items such as beloved teddies, favourite hobbies, outfits.... whatever you need!
Cake Masters winners
Cake Masters Hero Finalist
Golden Tier award
1460 reviews
98% service rating
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