Peony Flower

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  • Veining board

One of the most popular flowers this year both at the Chelsea Flower Show and as cake decorations is the Peony.

A very good friend of Paul and David's owns a top award winning nursery Binny Plants which specialises is the Peony. Just looking through the variety and selection of this flower is quite amazing with each species having its own unique style. This comes in very useful when finding a colour to match the wedding theme as there are so many varieties to choose from.

In this tutorial Paul demonstrates how to create a very large Peony flower which was one of three to decorate a 7 Tier Wedding cake. You can just as easily make it smaller for a 3 Tier cake and change the colours to suit.

Paul just wishes he had discovered the Peony sooner as it's such an easy flower to make and gives such a wonderful impact.



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