Mother & Daughter Playtime Cake

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Skill Level: Advanced
HD Lessons: 33
Decoration Time: Two Days (allowing for drying time)

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  •  10″ Round x 1.5″ Deep
  • 4″ Round x 2.5″ Deep

Cake Card and Drums

  • 32cm Round


  • Sugarpaste Colours
  • 1kg White
  • 300g Flesh Tone
  • 50g White
  • 50g Black
  • 10g Green
  • 20g Pink
  • 10g Hot Pink
  • 70g Grey
  • 40g Brown
  • 40g Egg Yellow


  • 300g

Paints and Dusts

  • Black, Green, White, Pink, Claret (paste or gel)
  • Pink, Silver (lustre dust)


  • 22 Gauge Florist Wire


  • 26cm Large x 4cm High Round Cake Dummy
  • 10cm Large x 7cm High Round Cake Dummy  
  • CMC
  • Crisco
  • 4mm Sugar Pearls (white or pink)
  • 2mm Sugar Pearls (silver)
  • Corn Starch or Icing Sugar
  • Edible Glue
  • Vodka and 97% Alcohol
  • Piping Gel
  • Baking Sheet
  • Kitchen Paper

EXTRA NOTE – The exact weights for the child model are given below, but are included in the weights above:

  • Head – 25g
  • Body – 20g
  • Legs – each 10g
  • arms – each 6g



  • Scalpel
  • Large Sharp Knife
  • Cranked Palette Knife


  • 2 x Large Rounded Brush
  • Small Brush (size 000)


  • Circle Cutters (various sizes)
  • 6cm Frill Round Cutters 
  • Mini Shoe Cutter


  • 5.5cm Flower Former

Modelling Tools

  • PME Veining Tool
  • Ball Tool (different sizes)
  • Modelling Pad

Cakey Tools

  • Rolling pin (small and large)
  • Cel Picks
  • Water Brush
  • No.2 Colour Shaper Taper Point
  • Size 4 Piping Nozzle


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler


Valentina of Valentina's Sugarland introduces us to her incredibly detailed Mother & Daughter Playtime cake. In this tutorial you will be learning advanced modelling skills, as well as some quirky ways of decorating a cake. This tutorial is aimed at advanced cake designers or perhaps you're an intermediate level decorator looking to move up a level. It is estimated to take around two days to create, including drying time.

We would love to see your take on the Mother and Daughter Play Time Cake – please share your photos with us on our Facebook Page as well as Valentina's!

Valentina Terzieva

Valentina Terzieva

Valentina Terzieva is an award winning cake designer and teacher located in Berlin, Germany. She discovered the art of cake decorating at the age of 5 and fell in love. Her belief that there are endless possibilities with sugar art is what has kept her passionate about cake design and makes her an acclaimed teacher. She is extremely advanced in modelling with sugar paste and modelling chocolate and has had the honour of winning Gold Medal at Cake International in the UK three times! She teaches modelling to all skill levels throughout Europe including  Germany, Austria and Switzerland. She is frequently published in cake magazines demonstrating mini tutorials and is currently working on a book about modelling with sugarpaste which will no doubt be excellent.
Cake Masters winners
Cake Masters Hero Finalist
Golden Tier award
1471 reviews
99% service rating
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