Monster Gang

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Skill Level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 23
Decoration Time: 1 Day

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Printable Tools and Ingredients list available here


  • 12” by 4” tall by 3” wide rectangular chocolate cake


  • 600g Dark chocolate ganache

Cake Card and Drums

  • 14″ long by 6″ wide rectangular cake drum


  • 400g Grey sugarpaste
  • 175g Ivory sugarpaste
  • 55g Red sugarpaste
  • 35g Yellow sugarpaste
  • 185g White sugarpaste
  • 255g Black sugarpaste
  • 155g Green sugarpaste
  • 30g Light green sugarpaste

Paints and Dusts

  • Black edible food colour – Squires Kitchen
  • Dark brown dust food colour – Squires Kitchen
  • Liquid silver edible paint – Rainbowdusts


  • Icing sugar
  • Lollipop stick
  • CMC
  • Edible glue

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Inches to cm or vice versa

other US to metric and Metric to US


  • Sharp cutting knife


  • Size 3 paintbrush


  • FMM Brick texture matt
  • Pebble mould texture

Cakey Tools

  • Rolling pin


  • Scissors
  • Toothpick
Bettina introduces us to her Monster Gang... a fun and eye catching cake design. They may be monsters by name, but they're a friendly bunch and will help you pick up plenty of skills along the way.
It's a perfect party cake, particularly for Halloween, although this design could be adapted to suit any number of occasions.
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to model various characters in a cartoon style as well as some advanced techniques for creating realistic features and fun decorations.  This cake is ideal for an intermediate cake designer, or a beginner looking for a new challenge, and it's a fabulous design to add to your collection.

We'd love to see your take on the Monster Gang - so make sure you share your pics with us on our Facebook page.

Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt

Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt

Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt is a trained master pastry chef, running her cake decorating business since 1993 in Hamburg/Germany. The award-winning book author and instructor runs classes for all kind of topics, mostly modelling, basic sugar flowers and Air Brush. She also is a Certified Master Sugar Artist by ICES/USA.
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Cake Masters Hero Finalist
Golden Tier award
1472 reviews
99% service rating
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