Hydrangea Flowers

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Decoration Time: 35 Minutes

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  • 100g Pink florist paste
  • 20g White florist paste
  • 28 gauge florist wires
  • Florist tape
  • Rose tint dust
  • Snowflake lustre
  • Rolling pin (small)
  • Sunflower Sugarart Hydrangea cutters and veiners
  • Ball tool
  • Sharp knife
  • Wire cutters
  • Sponge mat

The Hydrangea is a beautiful flower that just bursts with colour and just has that summer feeling. With such a natural explosion of flowering colour it was always going to be a challenge to replicate using sugarcraft.

However with some excellent cutters and vein impressions Paul has created an excellent Hydrangea suitable for any summer wedding cake. With the array of colours to choose from it makes for an easy flower to match with the bridesmaids dresses.
As always there are different ways to make the Hydrangea and the effect can largely be down to the time you spend on it, but let Paul guide you through the techniques needed to create the flower and you will find your own style to get the design you want.


Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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