Frangipani Flowers

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Skill Level: Beginner
HD Lessons: 7
Decoration Time: 2 - 3 Hours

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  • 18 Magdalenas/Cupcakes
  • 6″ Round

Cake Drum and Card

  • 8″ Round Drum
  • 10″ Round Drum
  • 12″ Round Drum
  • 6″Round Card


  • 800g White


  • 1.8kg White

Flower Paste

  • 100g White


  • White – 15mm
  • Yellow – 3 mm

Airbrush Paint

  •  Yellow
  • Orange


  • Birdcage stand
  • 2 plant pots
  • 3 pot planter
  • 2 glasses for the cake stand
  • Raffia Straw
  • Fresh Foliage


  • Sharp Knife


  • Medium Size Rose Petal

Cakey Tools

  • Smoothers
  • Rolling Pin
  • Ruler
  • Large Star Nozzle
  • Non-Toxic Glue Stick
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Airbrush

Inspired by some Frangipani flowers from the garden, Paul makes this lovely wedding cake and Magdalena’s. Both utilise this beautiful and simple to make flower that beginners to advanced cake decorators will love.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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