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In this pro tutorial David Brice (Director and co-founder of PBSS) takes us through simple and effective steps we can implement to help avoid complaints and how to effectively deal with those that come through. During his time running cake shops he´s managed the production of over 36,000 Novelty cakes and 6,500 Wedding cakes, which inevitably throw up some interesting complaints.  Of course, we can't please of all the people all of the time and David doesn't shy away from the topic. In these lessons  he covers:

  • How to avoid complaints
  • Getting the right systems in place
  • Key terms and conditions
  • How to listen effectively
  • Helpful tips on dealing with the complaint
  • Finding a fair solution
  • Dump the emotion and move on

Customer service is constantly evolving as is the expectations of our customers and so we can never know enough. Approach this topic with excitement not dread as it is an opportunity to improve your business and strengthening your relationship with you customers. Let's support each other and if you ever find yourself in an awkward position and don't know what to do, simply come and speak with the PBSS community where you will find a sympathetic ear and a chance to share and learn off one another. Complaints can put you in a lonely place, but to share with other like minded people can feel like a whole weights been lifted!

David Brice

David Brice

David Brice is the lead business tutor with Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School, which won the Best Learning Experience at the 2016 Cake Masters awards.
David´s career started in the Army then he moved over to become a civil servant with the MOD then latterly the Scottish Government.  His job prior to leaving was as a speech writer for the Transport Minister, which came with huge kudos, good salary and great pension. However, he wasn´t fulfilled, he knew that there was more to life than the role that he found himself in.
David knew Paul for a couple of years before Paul started his Cake Business in 2002, helping with some of the paperwork and admin required to set up a business. As Paul´s success grew it was clear that his business needed more support so in 2015 David left the security of his job and joined Paul in the cake business. That was a leap of faith as David had not, and still hasn´t, decorated a cake. However, he could see the potential and they grew the business to seven outlets with 35 staff. It wasn´t all plain sailing and its the highs and lows of that journey along with a lot of studying on business best practice that he shares in his Cake Business tutorials.
Paul and David sold the cake business to concentrate on teaching and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences to help others.