Asian Lace

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Skill Level: Advanced
HD Lessons: 10
Decoration Time: 2 Days allowing for drying time

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  • 10” Deep by 6” deep cake
  • 8” Deep by 4” deep cake
  • 6” Deep by 4” deep cake
  • 4” Deep by 4” deep cake


  • 2.2kg dark chocolate ganache

Cake Card and Drums

  • 14” Round cake drum


  • 1.5kg Hot pink sugarpaste
  • 700g Lime green or party green sugarpaste
  • 500g Ice blue, baby blue or turquoise sugarpaste
  • 250g Orange and or yellow sugarpaste for flowers
  • 250g Tub of strong icing

Paints and Dusts

  • Radiant gold
  • Bronze ruby
  • Snowflake lustre dust
  • Frosty Holly


  • Edible glue
  • Rejuvenator
  • Clear glaze spray
  • Pink glitter
  • Plastic dowels
  • Cake cards x 3
  • Morning dew drops (vanilla)


  • Craft knife


  • Size 1
  • Size 2

Cakey Tools

  • Paint palette
  • Non stick rolling pin
  • Acetate smoothers
  • Plastic smoothers
  • Piping nozzles


  • Circle cutters
  • Petal cutters
  • Heart cutters
Danielle Gotheridge has come to the studio to show us how to make this stunning Asian temple cake. Inspired by Asian culture, this cake is full of vibrant colours and beautiful paintings this is packed full of wonderful techniques using the most basic of tools.
This is an ideal cake design for lovers of Asian styled design and those who appreciate vast colour palettes. This cake is suitable for any special occasion as it can be adapted in numerous ways which Danielle will explain later in the lesson.
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to:
  • Create your very own custom made decorations by hand.
  • Efficiently use edible paint.
  • Create various textures with household items.
  • Make edible flowers and much, much more.

We'd love to see your take on the Asian Lace - so make sure you share your photos with us on our Facebook page.

Danielle Gotheridge

Danielle Gotheridge

Multi Award Winner Danielle Gotheridge has been designing wow factor cakes for over 10 years and has taught herself and created techniques for 5 years. Danielle’s fresh approach to edible art has attracted thousands over the years, leading her to produce cakes for many celebrities including Justin Beiber, Pauline Quirk, The Wanted and many more!

Cake Masters winners
Cake Masters Hero Finalist
Golden Tier award
1471 reviews
99% service rating
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