A Boy and His Dog

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Skill Level: Intermediate
HD Lessons: 7
Decoration Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
  • 8″ Round cake
  • 600g Dark ganache
  • 12″ Round cake drum
  • 500g Lincoln green sugarpaste
  • 250g White sugarpaste
  • 300g Bottle Green sugarpaste
  • 50g Grey sugarpaste
  • 40g Brown sugarpaste
  • 40g Blue sugarpaste
  • 20g Red sugarpaste
  • 5g Black sugarpaste
  • Food colouring pen
  • Black, Mint green and blue food colouring
  • Spaghetti
  • Rose Food dust
  • CMC or Gumtrag
  • 1.1m ribbon 15mm thick for around the drum
  • Pallet knife
  • Smoothers
  • Pritt Stick
  • Rolling pin (large and small)
  • Metal scraper
  • Serrated knife
  • Wood grain impression mat
  • Nozzles No1 & No2
  • PME tools
  • Sharp knife
  • Daisy plunge cutters (small and medium)
  • Paint brush/li>

This course takes you through how to create ‘A Boy and His Dog’ sugarpaste models as a cake topper and the base of the cake to tie into this theme. Paul guides you through how to create each part of the cake using techniques that he’s mastered over the years.

Paul starts with the cake itself and sets up the ‘scene’ on which the boy with his dog will sit, to give more of an overall picture with cake.

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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