The Year Of The Dog! – Staffie Dog Cake Tutorial with Sharon Perrins

Staffie Dog Cake – A step by step guide…

As we approach the Chinese New Year on 16th February 2018, we thought it was fitting to add this fabulous Staffie dog tutorial by Sharon Perrins

Sharon is a part-time cake artist and part-time delivery driver for Royal Mail.

The staffie was a picture sent to Sharon by a client and was a commissioned cake.

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1 Sharon started by making a rough head using rice crispy treats covered with fondant.
Sharon then levelled and filled a 12″ x 10″ rectangle cake and placed onto an 18″ x 14″ board.

2 Sharon then carved and crumb coated the body

3 The body was then completely covered in fondant

4 The legs and tail were added using modelling chocolate and fondant. Sharon worked on the details on the face and head and added ears. The whole piece was airbrushed and some dusts were also used to hi light parts of the dog.

5 Sharon finally worked on the board by first adding a wood effect floor around the edge of the board and a blanket for the dog. The cupcake was added at the end so a candle could be inserted!