Cakes of the Month: February 2018

Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School Members: Cakes of the Month

Cakes of the Month: February 2018 – Nothing is more inspirational as a cake decorator than seeing other peoples’ work. That’s why every month we take a look at some of our favourite cakes created by Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School members over the last few weeks.

From movie characters to animals, you’ll be amazed at some of the wizardry (you’ll get this pun if you keep reading 😉).

So without further ado here are the cakes of the month for February 2018…

If you are interested in accessing over 400 feature length cake tutorial from the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School then you can find more details here.

1 Julie Rogerson made this for her Dad’s 70th birthday using the Beer Barrel tutorial from Paul Bradford.

2 Sarah Dixon made this incredibly lifelike cake characters from Toy Story.

3 Angie Harris made this ridiculously adorable bunny rabbit

4 Colette Ruse made this incredible 19-inch tall cake for her grandson’s birthday. Lucky boy!

5 Debbie Chamberlain made this super realistic (and scary 😨) model of Cruella Devil De Vil from 1000 Dalmations. We were very impressed. Ben and Paco not so much…

6 This anime themed cake was made by Julie Rogerson for a 50 cakes of grey competition.

7 Using this easy to follow tutorial for reference. Julie Findlay made this lovely cake of a cyclist taking some time to rest during an…erm…cycle.

8 A thriller of a cake! Juanita Penney Tobin made this design inspired by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

9 Avada Cakedavra!!!! Sarah Dixon used some of her magic to create this unbelievable Harry Potter cake.

10 Lorraine McGarry says that this is one of her favourite cakes she has ever made. High praise indeed from someone who makes as many cakes as her.

What’s your favourite cake out of this month’s choices and why? Let us know in the comments below.