How To Create Cakes In The Heat

Image courtesy of Queen Of Hearts Couture Cakes

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

How do you create cakes in the heat? Particularly buttercream?

Cake Life asked several professional artists how they create cakes in the heat.

Using your common sense helps a lot when tackling the heat of course, fit black out blinds and keep them closed and close your windows!  Place your sugarpaste in the fridge prior to handling and choosing a firmer cake to work with, such as madeira, is also sensible. Lastly, once your cake is covered, leave it alone, it sounds obvious but the more you handle it…

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Queen Of Hearts Couture Cakes – Valeri and Christina, buttercream experts, gave us their tips on how to cope with the heat and buttercream


Queen Of Hearts Couture Cakes




1. Find a stable recipe. Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes buttercream recipe is a tried and tested one and you can find it in any of their books or on their website.
2. If the recipe you have calls for milk, replace it with water for longer shelf life.
3. Lessen the liquid content in your recipe. If it is really hot and humid, Queen Of Hearts Couture Cakes only add the flavouring and omit the water.
4. Keep your cake in the fridge but make sure to put it in a box and clingwrap a couple of times so it will not sweat on the cake when you take it out of the fridge.
5. You can also increase the vegetable shortening in your recipe..some people even replace the butter completely. We know that not everyone would like this but it could be an option. Sometimes, you only have to find a good brand of shortening and you wouldn’t really know the difference. Vegetable shortening has higher melting point than butter so it is a very good ingredient to survive the heat.

Pro Tips!

Pro Member Lisa Rotherham of Lisa’s Celebration Cakes  when working with buttercream during the hotter months, Lisa uses a mix of 50/50 with royal icing sugar and buttercream to firm up the buttercream.  Lisa said “Use your common sense, try to work at night if possible when it is cooler”

Lisa’s Celebration Cakes 







Tracy-Anne Hirst of Crafty Mummy’s Cakes  said “Other than adding Royal Icing sugar to my buttercream I always level, fill, crumb coat & fridge overnight before covering in sugarpaste. I also use cake drums & not cards for tiers & Sturdy Cake Stackers for additional support. For really soft sugarpaste, I add a little tylo powder to help firm it up a bit. We also have a large fan & an air cooler in the cake room which really helps a lot”



Cake by Tracy Ann-Hirst, courtesy of Ruddi’s Vintage Treat Rooms





Lynsey Turvey of Topsey’s Celebrations Cakes says “I usually condition my flowerpaste with Trex to take away the stickiness and so in this weather I tried adding a bit to my sugarpaste when it’s very sticky and it’s working well for me. Cornflour and too much icing sugar can dry out the sugarpaste and cause elephant skin. Trex does a good job of reducing stickiness without drying it out”

Lynsey says she also regularly rinses her hands in very cold water, in addition to hand washing, just to stop her hands from warming up her sugarpaste/buttercream (when piping) etc.


Topsey’s Celebration Cakes 



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