My Ganache split


I watched the ganache videos and attempted to make some about an hour ago. THe cream cooled very quickly and the chocolate buttons (I used the ones that Paul suggested) were not melting. I put the bowl over some hot water but the mixture has now split. Can anyone help me, what do you do if you chocolate buttons don’t melt. I am new to using Ganache and want to use for a cake for Saturday. Thanks

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Hi. I have never had a problem with milk and dark. But had a nightmare at first with white choc. My chips had all melted but it looked great for a minute then as storing it sit to a horrible oily mess. Try this I found on web. Heat a little milk just hot enough to feel on your finger. Add teaspoon full at a time to the mess and stir in. Mine was like a miracle cure. Wish I’d seen it before throwing a kilo of mix away and I was on deadline for a wedding cake. Let us know if it works for you too


By the way. I use microwave on half power for 20 second heat 20 second rest when I’m close to all buttons melted point


Hi ehplus9

And if you look here you’ll see a fix. Other comments here and if you type in the search box ‘split ganache’ you’ll see lots of other comments dealing with similar problems. They’re worth while looking through for future reference. Hope you’ve managed to save your ganache.


Thank you Suziedee0 & Madeitwithlove for your suggestions. I googled ‘why did my ganache split’ and low and behold a load of tricks to fix popped up. I used the one that said to put the ganache in the mixer and add a little bit of double cream while mixing and it came back. It worked! Luckily I didn’t throw it away. I then put it in the fridge and it’s fine. PHEW! I was so glad that there was a remedy to fix it as I would have hated to have to waste nearly a kilo of chocolate buttons.


I had exactly the same problems. I was also using the same milk chocolate as Paul. I have just made some more for a wedding cake I’m doing this week.
This time I used a ratio of 2.5 to 1 so 500g choc and 200 ml cream. I blitzed the chocolate buttons in the food processor and then poured on the boiling milk. Left for 2 mins then gently stirred with a balloon whisk until all incorporated then mixed more firmly. Voila!! For the first time ever the chocolate melted and it looked the same consistency as Paul’s x
Shouldn’t speak too soon as I’m now leaving it to cool then I will refrigerate it until using it on Thursday so here’s hoping nothing now goes wrong x

Hope this might help


Thank you jb1958, I will try your method the next time. Hope yours turn out ok for thursday!

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