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Jam and buttercream


Making a girls birthday cake tomorrow and she has specifically asked for jam and buttercream inside. My last experience of this was a very slippery one!! Any tips to stop the cake slipping? Should I put the jame on first then buttercream?

asked June 6, 2012

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I tend to split my cake into 3 layers, if possible, and put jam in one, and buttercream in the other.


Good idea!! May try that. Thanks


try putting a dam of stiffened buttercream close to the outer edge of your cake layer before filling it…the dam should keep it from sliding…hope this helps


I split into 3 as well and it makes it much better to work with.


I tend to use flavoured syrups, there are lots to choose from and an inexpensive way to get intense flavour with the added bonus of keeping the cake lovely and moist. If you have a Lidle or Aldi store near you you’ll find them in the cordial aisle (99 pence for a big bottle), also available in other super markets. Just use instead of jam and your butter icing won’t slip and slide.


I have used syrups before but this little girl has specifically requested jam. Thanks fyou’ll your answers


Hi, I use jam and buttercream. I sometimes put jam on both pieces of cake and then use a piping bag to put on the buttercream (rather than trying to spread the buttercream on top of the jam) then put pieces together.  Hope it works.


I always use jam and buttercream (going to try ganache on next cake after reading all your tips and seeing Paul’s videos).  Jam on one side, buttercream the other and place together.  Never have had a problem with slippage (my buttercream is quite firm though).



I put buttercream on first, then jam in the middle, leaving a border of buttercream,put together then put in chiller to firm up.


I offer ganache to every customer but so far everyone has asked for buttercream and jam!  Lidl do a Maribel Smooth Raspberry, it’s a seedless smooth raspberry fruit spread made from raspberry puree.  I haven’t tried it yet but will let you know when I do.

 I put buttercream on the bottom layer and then spread the jam over it, but not right up to the edge of the cake, – leave about an inch around the edge of the cake and pop your top layer on.  Then use a spirit level to make sure that it is level and pop in the fridge for about half an hour or so for the filling to become firm.  Once firm you can then proceed to the next stage.

I was having a problem with my cake layers “moving” .  I used my spirit level to check the shelves in my fridge and found that the shelves themselves were not level.  Maybe worthwhile checking them.  Hope this helps.




I did it and no slipping!! I made 2 thick buttercream dam’s and it worked a treat!! Thanks for all your advice

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