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Flour Brand name or Supermarkets own


Hi, when making cake does anyone notice any difference between BeRo flour or Tesco/Asda own brand and what do you think is best. I use the supermarkets own, but just wanted to ask other bakers of their opinion. Thanks

asked July 26, 2012

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Hi Jackie, I use Home Pride and yes I do find supermarket brands make a slightly heavier bake. I’ve got a feeling it has something to do with the grade of grain and milling process. I do use the cheaper brands for what I call every day cakes but not for cakes for other people. The very, very, best flour I have ever used was one which I used to get from the Shetland Islands, so soft! I can’t justify the cost now of transporting it all the way South, £13.00 a kilo with postage was just too much!


Thanks for your answers, but can I ask jmilne was there any difference is quality of the cakes when you did your test, miwl thought the cakes came out slightly heavier. I am not in business, but when making cakes I like them to be their best. Thanks


I have found using the sponge flour to be the best, costs slightly more but worth it.

Others will be able to help more.



I actually done a taste test with a few of my customers last year using 2 different brands flour. One was BeRo and the other value flour and noone could tell the difference.


If you prefer not to purchase special cake flour you can add one tablespoon  of cornflour to your standard flour after taking out one Tbs from the recipe to compensate.

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