Fantasy Flower Cupcakes by Paul Bradford

Skill Level: Intermediate
Decorating Time: 45 mins
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Fantasy Flower Cupcakes – Overview


In this course, Paul takes you through how to make a series of Fantasy Flower Cupcakes. Although the end results is several stunning cupcakes, fit for many occasion, the reall essence of this course is about learning and adapting the techniques to create your own stunning cakes.


Lesson 1 - Dahlia

Pauls gets to work on the Dahlia for the cupcakes, he walks your through exactly how to create these cupcakes with a refined and glamorous finish.

Lesson 2 - Star Flower

The Star Flower is the second Fantasy Flower cupcake, again, Paul teaches exactly how to achieve a professional looking cupcake flower.

Lesson 3 - Rose

The Rose is always popular with cake decorators and eaters alike, so Paul had to have one in this Fantasy Flower series. In this lesson, you’ll about adapting familiar styles to be in keeping with the overall theme of your decorating, whatever that may be.

Other Ideas

Paul continues to talk about other ways that you could adapt or indeed add to these designs. Be as creative as you can while you ahcive you own unique style and be sure to share them with us on Facebook!

  • Craft Knife
  • Round Cutter Set
  • Lily Cutter (medium)
  • Small Paint Brush
  • 3 Cupcakes
  • 6 Sheets of Rice Paper
  • 100g White Sugarpaste
  • Royal Icing
  • PME Pearl Lustre
  • 2mm Silver Balls