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The Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School now has the best free cake decorating learning resource on the planet, BAR NONE and it’s completely free! Start watching any video tutorial and you’ll be prompted for your email address, enter it once…and that’s it! You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started in cake decorating and with a quick scroll down this page, you’ll instantly get an understanding of just how much we are offering here, FOR FREE! 

Paul is so passionate about cake decorating and helping others learn, that when we asked “what would the perfect resource be when starting out?” He described this free section…so that’s what we made. Have fun and don’t forget to share the joy!

Free Online Cake Decorating Courses - 100 Video Lessons - Start Learning Today!


I love this free cake decorating resource! - 100 Free Cake Decorating Video Lessons



Paul’s Moist Chocolate Cake (8 videos)

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Baking is obviously a very important part of cake decorating and you can’t just set about decorating any type of cake. Some cakes are much better for stacking and carving than others, especially when it comes to some of the novelty cakes. Luckily, we have taken the guess work out of this by providing you with a guide to making Paul’s famous moist (but strong) chocolate cake! It’s perfect for carving and it tastes amazing!

Icing Boards (7 videos)

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This is an often under appreciated aspect to cake decorating but getting nicely decorated boards really gives your cake a professional finish and edge on the competition – and it’s pretty easy when you know how!

Icing Cakes (10 videos)

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Icing cakes is an essential skill for anyone wanting to learn cake decorating and to be able to take a masterclass like this for free, really is a game changer! Paul takes you through how to ice a round cake and a square cake using a couple of different tried and tested techniques

Stacking Cakes (6 videos)

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This is one of those subjects that can scare new cake decorators a little. Lifting up perfect cakes and balancing them on top of one another can seem a little daunting. Well, not after you’ve watched this free course! After taking this course you will have the confidence to stack 3 tiered cake and really move on to a “higher” level of cake decorating!

Basic Sugarpaste Skills (5 videos)

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When it comes to making sugar models and all things sugarcraft, there are a few techniques you will use again and again. Such as rolling out sausages, balls and cones. They might look easy but Paul makes sure you master these fundamentals in this free course, before moving on to the more advanced skills.

Basic Flowers (8 videos)

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Creating amazing sugar flowers is one of those things you might have thought would be too difficult…until now! Take our free course in basic sugar flowers and get the knowledge and confidence needed to start adding beautiful flowers to your cakes. Paul takes you through all the basic techniques that you can repeat time and time again!

Polka Dot Wedding Cake (23 videos)

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Put it all together and what have you got? Well, anything you can imagine really! In this course, we have selected all the videos needed from our free section to put together this 3 tiered retro wedding cake! All using videos from the free cake decorating lessons section! WOW. Remember, you can go your own way with these videos and really make a cake your own. Then, when you’re ready for more don’t worry, because we’ve got A LOT more. Over 150 full courses containing over 1100 lessons.


Polka Dot Handbag Cake (6 videos)

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In this free video course Paul teaches you how to make this super cute little handbag cake! Handbag cakes have been a much loved niche within novelty cakes for some time now and that doesn’t look like changing!  A lot of the skills in this course will provide you with a great understanding of how to make a handbag cake so you apply what you have learned to your own designs.


Free Online Cake Decorating Courses - 100 Video Lessons - Start Learning Today!


I love this free cake decorating resource! - 100 Free Cake Decorating Video Lessons

Free Online Cake Decorating Courses - 100 Video Courses - #cakedecorating #sugarcraft

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The Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School offers cake decorators of all skill levels the opportunity to learn from one of Europe’s best cake decorators plus many special guests. Through 100’s of hours of detailed online Cake Decorating video courses, attended cake decorating courses held in Linlithgow, Scotland and our community Q&A you will discover just how easy it can be to create cakes that makes people go WOW! Never before has there been an easier, more fun, or more cost effective way to learn the art of cake decorating.

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